• 28 Oct 2021

Season 5

Well, welcome to Season 5 of this exciting comic that is Horse Life 98. I worked probably 2, 3 months on it, and that’s only the first part. To be fair, I started with Part 2 first, and I completely wrote it before coming up with a Part 1, and trust me, this makes way more sense. And while I was at it, figured I should redo the website from scratch as well and implement some sweet subpage system instead of trying to coerce WordPress into what I want with mitigated results… You like it? I feel this, from Season 5 onwards, is going to be a huge step up from before, as I decided to take my time drawing the comic and stick to my usual style rather than finding shortcuts and copypaste assets so a comic would take 5 minutes to produce on top of a rushed idea. Which kinda worked well for motivation, but only for a time… But I guess this is going to allow me to explore more ways to tell a story with animations and stuff like that, try and experiment things. I love where it’s going and I hope you’ll love it as well.

So yeah. Enjoy some animated Yuki drifting into space on music by fusoxide (thanks a lot for that, fuso!) on what is possibly a love letter to one of, if not my favourite TV show from my childhood, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous. (For the fans out there, this is why it was released on that particular day, with that particular music and that particular text ;)) The next few comics will be similarly ambitious and feature more pop culture references, so stay tuned!

Next comic when? I have honestly no idea. But you’ll know if you check my socials.